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She is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians., and has studied under some of the greatest magicians including Harry Blackstone Jr. She has attended the "Abbott's Get Together" in Colon, Michigan, for over 10 years. It is a convention that draws magicians from around the world. Colon is in south-central Michigan between Chicago and Detroit.

Glenda's interest in performance dates back to her childhood. She was first a musician and vocalist. She taught herself to play the piano beginning at the age of 3. She became so musically talented that several different traveling groups hired her to play for them. She also is a fine vocalist and has composed nearly 100 songs. Her love of illusions also started early when she watched her grandmother use small magic tricks to illustrate Bible messages in church. She was fascinated by the visual puzzles that always kept her attention. As an adult she remembered those moments at her grandmother's knee and began reading, studying, and rehearsing to become a female magician herself. She attended many magic conventions, as mentioned above, and began writing dialogue while perfecting her magical performance.

Glenda's signature routines include the Linking Rings performed with Hula Hoops, a floating table, the mutilated parasol, and producing live rabbits and doves. She not only works solo, but also performs her illusions while working with her husband, Mike. The two performers together add variety that changes constantly during the performance. Glenda also shows her prowess with large illusions like the Hindu Basket and Metamorphosis (the Substitution Trunk).

Glenda has also produced several different magic tricks that she sells to other magicians.

GLENDA'S INFLUENCES are Harry Blackstone Jr., Lance Burton, David Copperfield, Doug Henning, Mark Wilson, Harry Anderson, and Melinda (a top female magician).

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